Dogmanship Minute | Is Your Dog Jealous?

I’ve always found it hard to rationalize that every dog on the planet is just a jealous and needy being who is willing to push another dog out of the way to get a pet or two. Many of my clients tell me that their dog doesn’t let them pet other dogs without also coming over and insisting on getting in on the action. There was always something missing to me when I considered this equasion until one time I was watching a video and a clip of Oprah came on and she was doing her famous “you get a thing, and YOU get a thing… EVERYBODY GETS A THING!”… and it hit me.

If your dog is willing to come over and attack another dog because you’re petting him and not you, that’s jealousy. That’s something I’ve witnessed in dogs and people before. Jealousy is an evil and damaging emotion and one that doesn’t have a place in a healthy relationship. Normally, it goes away when some trust and respect is established but if you’re making people in your now pay for mistakes from your past you’ve got some YOU work to do. What I see even in my own dogs is not so much an evil emotion as if they’re coming over to tell the other dog to get lost, but instead simply coming over to get in on it.

Think of it this way

If you were talking down the street and on the opposite corner from you their was a man just giving out money. He was handing bills out to everybody who passed and sooner or later a large crowd started to form around him. The feeling you’re feeling right now is likely the same feeling your dog gets when he sees you petting another dog!

Your dog isn’t thinking “how dare they pet another canine while I’m standing right here!”… they’re thinking “Well, if you’re just going to give it away for nothing I’d like some too!”

Your dog isn’t jealous, he just sees you giving money away!

Ps, if you don’t think affection is a form of currency for your dog… might wanna think about contacting me for a free consultation!



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