Aggression DVD for the Do It Yourself Dog Owner!

Aggression can be one of the most emotionally charged behaviour issues dog owners deal with. You’ll go through a number of different things in most cases trying to solve your issue with no real luck until you end up finding someone with my skillset or the skillsets of trainers like me. The problem becomes the price as training of this nature isn’t cheap. For most trainers with my specialty, you’re going to pay good money for good results.

Fortunately there’s a budget solution to your aggression needs!

One of my mentors Ted Efthymiadis of Mango Dogs in Halifax NS has came out with one of the best DVD’s covering aggression that I’ve seen. You follow 4 dogs through his training program from Evaluation to Finish and watch every step of the way!

The best part? Now you can enter Promo Code: Wade and get $50 off your purchase!

Visit and order your copy of my mentor Ted’s DVD Today

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