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Bouncy Golden Retriever is off leash reliable! See Bill and Cooper’s results after 4 sessions



Dog Aggressive German Shepherd hanging out with Rocky–Maureen is pleased!

Wade and his training techniques have made a huge difference in our lives.  Scarlett was a very nervous dog, overreacting to anything that caused her angst.  Her fears made her aggressive and walks were becoming difficult.  With Wade’s help everyone in the family can walk Scarlett with confidence and she has calmed significantly even in situations that she finds stressful.

– Dawn Cunningham

You would not believe the changes in our 2 ½ year old Golden Doodle, Kelsey, since we started working with Wade. Prior to training, Kelsey would become hyper-excited and bark frantically at any dog passing by our home and would jump on anyone who came into our home. If she had the opportunity she would bolt out the front door and not come back when called. Walking her was not pleasant as she wandered all over the sidewalk, tugging on the leash and would lunge and bark continuously at any dog we passed.

Through Wade’s teaching and guidance we have been made aware of why our dog behaved the way she did and how our behavior impacted on her. In a very short time Kelsey, and her humans, have learned how to better understand each other and to maximize our enjoyment of each other. We now have a calm dog that will come when called, sit while people enter our home, and not bark at the front window. She socializes well with other dogs, and walking her is a pleasure and no longer stressful when other dogs approach as Wade has given us the skills to manage these situations and for Kelsey to remain calm.

Wade is very patient and knowledgeable and customized the training to our needs. Our house is a whole lot calmer and we would certainly highly recommend Wade!

– Reina and Lynn Campbell


Melanie and her dog Sophie see great results!


Marcella talks about her break through with Wade


I trained with Wade after I adopted my last dog, a Great Dane, who needed to work on some dog aggression as well as leash manners. Wade gave me the tools to understand and communicate with my dog. With his training, my Great Dane learned to walk perfectly beside me on the leash and was able to play with other dogs without a worry – she actually ended up being known at the dog park as the gentlest dog! The training we did created a beautiful and trusting bond between my dog and me. What Wade taught us allowed my Dane to turn into a balanced happy companion.

Since lessons with him I have moved to Vancouver and added a new dog into our family and have been using what I learned from Wade with the new dog as well. I cannot wait until my next visit back to Kingston – I will definitely be signing up for some classes with him to get some one on one training with my new pup.

– Carla Bostock

Wade helped me when I adopted my Neapolitan Mastiff who had extremely high anxiety issues. We went through two other services without seeing any results. Moose is amazing now and great on and off leash….I can take him anywhere and get so many compliments on how well behaved he is

– Rebecca Sheffield

It is without hesitation that I recommend Wade MacVicar to anyone looking for a qualified and dedicated dog trainer. You see the results even after the very first session. Wade doesn’t just focus on training your dog; he also gives you lots of tips and advice to help you communicate more efficiently with your pet. Wade shows such an incredible passion for what he does and you can tell he truly cares about the dogs he works with. This is evident as soon as you see him slip a leash on your dog. I would highly recommend Wade to help you and your pet with any behavioural or obedience issues you might be having.

– Megan Moore

After going through 12 weeks of obedience training with another academy, Saydi did not have the level of obedience I hoped  for. She still pulled on leash, and her off leash behavior was less than satisfactory. The program I was in before slowly built on basic commands but did nothing for the real-world scenarios and distractions we would encounter. After contacting Wade, Saydi’s leash issues were resolved in literally 10 minutes! I can even call her off chasing squirrels now! Wade has brought my dog to a new level of obedience in less than a week of training. Awesome trainer! I’m referring everyone I know to him!

– Shawn Holder

We really enjoyed the time you spent with us – your techniques made a lot of sense! You made us comfortable in explaining our challenges and didn’t make us feel silly when you pointed out the mistakes we were making, what we need to do instead and helped us understand why that works. With practice things have really changed for us…we now have a very content dog, and a much less chaotic time at home and out on walks! Can’t wait to start the Off Leash Training – I’m imagining lots of long fun country walks in our future – without worrying about Buddy’s behavior off leash – with your help I know we’ll get there!

-Tina Clarkson

A natural talent with dogs. Wade knows how to get your dog to know what you need from him and he let’s you know what your dog needs from you. Basically, he teaches you how to speak to your faithful, furry friend, in a language he understands.

– Tammie Boomhour

I have a 1.5 year old chocolate Lab named Hank that I got at 8 weeks old. He’s always been a little on the hyper side and bouncy at times. I never really got him to the point where we could just go out for a nice relaxing walk without him trying to pull my arm off. He would also get excited in the house at times and was difficult to settle. I tried agility to see if that would help get rid of some of his energy and help him focus more on me. He learned how to do some obstacles and tricks but not much else. When I came to Wade, going for a walk with Hank was frustrating. I had a 90 lb dog that just wanted to pull the whole time and would get hyper and bark at other dogs on leash. I had tried various ways of dealing with these issues with not much success. After spending some time with Wade, I can now walk my dog on a leash with slack. He walks besides me and watches for what I would like him to do next. For the first time in a very long time I enjoy taking my dog out and going places. Wade showed me how to communicate with my dog in way that works for both of us.

– Alyssa Baird

We approached 3 trainers and no one would give us the time of day… Couple that with being pregnant with your first child and an unhappy pack… Very discouraging… Until we met Wade! He is knowledgeable, patient, and down-to-earth. I would recommend him to anyone in a heart beat!! We’ve seen great results in only 3 sessions and he was always available for consult on any issues we were having. I am so much more confident about bringing a baby into our pack, our dogs have made leaps and bounds in their training.. So proud and thankful!! 🙂

– Danielle Forsyth

My English Mastiff Wilson and I just had our first training session with Wade. I am impressed ! The man knows dogs and he is very articulate in expressing himself. Wilson understood what Wade was relating to him and now its just a matter of me consistently instituting what Wade has shown us. I now understand the concept of Dogmanship. With Wades guidance the bond between Wilson and I will continue to strengthen and grow.

– Andrew White

Hi my name is Anne and I foster dogs for a registered rescue organization.  My latest rescue, a 4 year old Shih Tzu (Tiny) bit me several times and the last time I wound up in the urgent care centre at the local hospital.  At this point I believed this dog would never be adoptable and should probably be humanely euthanized.  While in a pet store, I saw Wade’s business card and took it home; as a last recourse I thought I owed it to the dog to ensure that he could not be rehabilitated.  Long story short, I called Wade, he stopped in for a visit and saw the behaviours that were concerning me.  He told me that he was confident that Tiny could be rehabilitated.  After 3 weeks (1 visit per week) with homework, Tiny will now allow me to reach at his face to rub his chin, pick him up and take away his rawhide chew while he is busy chewing it.  None of this would have been possible without Wade.  I cannot thank Wade enough for showing me that a dog with aggressive behaviours is not an aggressive dog.  He helped me to understand what was going on in Tiny’s mind and he gave me the tools to deal with his issues.  It’s all about the dog/human relationship of mutual respect and the dog needs to learn his boundaries.  Bonus for me is  I’ve acquired the skills to manage some of my own pack behaviours.

– Anne Baron

Wade is one of the best dog trainers / dog behaviourists I have trained with in my 32+ years of dog ownership. He zeros in on what the problem is that you are having with your dog, he understands why it is happening and what to do about it. Each dog is different and his training approach is tailored to that specific dog. Wade’s training style is clear and compassionate, with the goal of building a great relationship between dog and human so the dog wants to participate with you for the reward of your praise. I highly recommend giving Wade a call for any type of dog training or rehabilitation.

– Cheryl Bostock

I’m extremely happy to have come to wades dogmanship with our dogue DE Bordeaux bishop. Wade has helped us through so many problems with her. When we came to Wade our dog had bad leash and fear aggression. You couldn’t even walk her by another dog without her trying to attack. Last weekend was one of the best weekends we have had with Bishop. Not only is she able to accept new dogs and Co existing with two puppies, she was able to be walked through a flea market and car show where there were many other dogs and she totally ignored them. She also is listening a hell of alot better. I am now 9 months pregnant and able to walk her without being dragged or worried about her dragging me to attack another dog. There are still things we are working on… but the dog we brought to wade…isn’t the dog bishop is now. So thank you 🙂

– Stephanie-Alexandria Scott

I want to say thank you. It seemed we were at a loss with Joey and his anger/aggression towards other dogs. With your help, tools and advice we have come a long way. With your help with Joey we have been able to adopt a 9 year old Shih-Tzu and bring him home with get this…….ZERO aggression towards the new pup….Mind boggling. We have been taking Joey out and are facing his issues head on, and he is improving nicely. Thank you thank you thank you 🙂 We have and will continue to refer clients to you…..

– Trix B