Simmer Down, Fido!

Simmer Down, Fido! is a short and value-packed eBook that details the basic changes I give to the dogs that comeBook Cover through my programs suffering from hyperactivity, pushy and demanding behaviour. This book will help you better understand what is normal as far as dog behaviour goes within the realm of rest and action and details some simple and basic changes you can make to your dog’s life and activities that will allow for more fulfillment both mentally and physically that will allow him to be calm and at rest when you are.

This book will teach you:

  • What is normal and what is abnormal when it comes to dog behaviour
  • How domestic life is set up to create hyperactivity in a lot of cases
  • 1 small change to your walk to make it more fulfilling and less stressful for both your dog and you
  • 1 drill that will teach your dog to settle down when you settle down that requires ZERO handler skill
  • How to make your house an adrenaline-free zone
  • How to make play mentally fulfilling to get your dog ready for rest time quicker
  • What food has to do with your dog’s inability to settle down
  • Why you should be looking at your dog’s quality of food (and why if your dog’s food has a commercial or can be found at Walmart it should be thrown out YESTERDAY)
  • My tips for handling excited behaviour at the door around guests
  • and so much more!

Total Reading Time: 2 Hours

The best part about this tiny but powerful eBook is that I’m backing it up, just like I do with everything I do. If you don’t get the results you had in mind when you purchased it, if it did not live up to the expectations you had or if you didn’t enjoy the content, email me and I’ll refund 100% of your purchase price with no questions asked and no hard feelings. 


Don’t spend another day getting frustrated with your dog’s demanding behaviour. It’s not to much to ask for your dog to go lay down somewhere, and with this eBook you’ll have all the information you need to get that. 


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A core concept that is discussed in the book is making things more mentally fulfilling instead of just relying on physical stimulation. This video is Rocky and Wade illustrating this point during a game of fetch.