Imagine being able to take your dog somewhere and having his undivided attention no matter what is going on around you. What would it be like to have a dog who everybody compliments on how well the dog behaves? How fun would it be to take a few minutes a night, let your dog work for his food and teach him some cool and impressive tricks, positions and behaviours that you can show off to your friends and family.

Enter: The Showoff Program



The Showoff Program is a continuation program for Wade’s Dogmanship clients who have already got their dog stable but desire more. Through building better focus, teaching positions and tricks and learning how to capture, shape and lure your dog into the things you want you’ll learn the principles of teaching in a whole new way that can be applied to expanding your dog’s and your thinking to a new level.

The ShowOff Program comes with 4 Private Sessions. Within those sessions, you’ll learn the principles for using food to capture, lure and shape behaviour all while increasing distractions. You’ll learn how to motivate your dog on a level you never thought possible and how and when to push your dog for more–becoming the best possible coach you can be for your furry best friend.


  • Must have completed Wade’s Dogmanship program to achieve mental balance and solve bigger behaviour issues OR must pass an evaluation conducted by Wade were drive and behaviour is assessed
  • Must have decent work ethic (for food or toys)
  • Must have e-collar or e-collar conditioning and/or experience (from Wade’s program)

Cost: $499.99

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