Seminars and Clinics


Clinics are typically half day or 2 to 3 hour events where we focus on a given subject. Afterwards, we have a Q&A to clear up any remaining confusion on the subject. Clinics are a great way to broden your knowledge quickly while getting out and around other dogs and dog owners who are all driven to achieve more from their relationship with their dog. These are welcoming and judgement free environments so don’t hesitate to bring your problem pooch out to one of these very informative events.

Advanced Leash Work

Advanced Leash Work is designed to teach you how to get your dog calm, cooperative and obedient while on leash. One of the biggest issues most dog owners face is the leash and getting their dog to stop pulling, barking, lunging and dragging them all over the place. In this clinic you’ll learn:

  • How to get your dog relaxed, cooperative and following your lead

  • Right and Wrong equipment for proper leash work and which is best for your dog

  • The big difference between what makes leash handling affective or not

  • Wade’s methods of motion to crafting cooperation on leash

  • The three main things required for any dog to heel confidently around ANY distraction and how to teach them to your dog

  • The proper way to apply and release leash pressure

  • The 2 main causes and 1 common denominator to On Leash Aggression and how to solve it

  • and more…

Biologically Fulfilling Play

There’s still a ton of misconceptions about playing with your dog out there. Playing fetch will decrease your dog’s desire to chase squirrels, tug makes dogs more aggressive, allowing your dog to sniff for things will only make them want to sniff more… all of these have a degree of truth to them, but are by and large false. Let Wade show you the joys of Fulfilling Play with your dog. This clinic covers important concepts in getting your dog thinking during play as well as making it cooperative! You’ll learn:

  • How to engage the Mind and Body during play (many people only engage the body… this actually builds stamina instead of tiring the dog out)

  • One important concept in Tug that builds your dog’s self control instead of his stress level

  • The Three Playstyles every dog fits into and which one your dog gravitates towards most (and subsequently which game you should play most)

  • ​Tugs Vs Flirt Poles: which is better?

  • How to build cooperation during play

  • Teaching your dog how to drop an object on command willingly without exchanges or excessive pressure

  • How to use play to solve prey issues PROPERLY!

Behavioural Troubleshooting

Behaviour problems are still a huge issues in our society with our dogs, but you don’t have to struggle with problem behaviour for any longer than you want, you simply must know where it comes from and how to teach your dog to stop engaging in it. This clinic will teach you:

  • Why obedience is necessary to stop most problems

  • Chad Mackin’s Layered Stress Model

  • What it means for your dog to be “In Adrenaline” and how to get him out of it

  • The difference between Informative Corrections and Punitive Corrections

  • Wade’s concept of the path of least resistance

  • Where to use food in rehabilitation and why

  • Kayce Cover’s Name and Explain and Conditioned Relaxation

  • and more…


Seminars are weekend events and is one of my personal favorite ways of learning in this industry. Not only do you get a weekend of learning from a presenter, but you get to sit and talk with a number of different professionals, rescue coordinators and dog owners about their experience and thoughts on dogs. Seminars cover a specific topic to a point of advanced understanding. These are great tools to add to your toolbox as a dog professional or a great way to better your understanding of how to communicate with your dog as an owner.

Foundation Dogmanship and Obedience Through Feel (Two Day Seminar)

Learn Wade’s system from the ground up in this informative two-day seminar. We start with conceptual and theory work, introducing you to a new way of thinking about dogs, then we start getting into practicing hands-on techniques to improve your communication and relationship with your dog! You’ll learn Wade’s approach to achieving distraction-proof obedience around anything you can think of without food or harsh pressure as well as his recipe for behaviour modification and solidification which will translate into long term behaviour change from your dog. We’ll be solving problems from as simple as pulling on leash to a number of forms of aggression and reactivity.

This seminar covers
  • Wade’s Five Pillars of Fulfillment

  • Obedience as a tool to build the relationship and calm the dog

  • Distraction Proofing your dog around ANYTHING (including dogs)

  • Groundwork on leash to get your dog responding to light pressure quickly

  • Using the leash as a tool for teaching and feedback instead of control and punishment

  • Biologically fulfilling play and why it’s important for both your relationship and your dog’s well being

  • Advanced Leash Work drills to better your feel and your dog’s understanding of pressure

  • Teaching skillsets instead of commands

  • Behaviour Modification Essentials for all forms of behaviour problems

  • The difference between Informative and Punitive corrections and when to use them

  • The proper way to escalate pressure (and how in most cases your dog will respond to less)

  • And so much more!