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You bought a pet because you wanted a friend. The problem becomes when your friend starts acting out in a way that you can’t quite handle. A problematic dog will quickly find you at the end of your knowledge about dogs AND the end of your patience. Luckily Wade’s Dogmanship is here to make sure your struggles are ended sooner rather than later.

Whether you’re struggling with a dog who has a bite history and has been failed or denied by other services or if your happy-go-lucky pup just needs to learn how to settle down there’s a service that can help you achieve your goals! In all programs, obedience is taught and behaviour is addressed no matter what you’re struggling with.

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What Makes Wade’s Dogmanship Different?

No Multiple Tiers

Wade’s Dogmanship doesn’t operate on a multiple tier model. There’s no beginner, intermediate, advanced levels. The difference in program price has nothing to do with what type of results you can expect. Rather, they are based on what you want to accomplish. That one big problem, a few problems or ALL the problems.

Private Attention

Wade’s Dogmanship is a 1-on-1 service. You get 100% of the trainer’s attention to ensure you have the resources and skills you need to succeed with your dog.

The Real World is the proving ground

Many of my clients complain that their dogs were perfect in a class but struggled in the real world. I want to make sure you understand that training in an indoor space like an obedience school isn’t a bad thing, and it’s not the problem. The problem is taking those skills and bringing them to the real world. This is something that Wade’s Dogmanship excels in! Real world obedience under real world distractions.

A Balanced Approach

Many trainers are very dogmatic about their beliefs on dog training. The biggest sources of controversy is whether or not to use food or corrections in training. To me, this completely looks past the biggest point in dog training which is bettering the relationship. Both reward and consequence are required to show our dogs what we like and what we don’t. Wade’s Dogmanship looks past no tool or approach if it means that is what your dog requires to find balance and an understanding of the rules.

We Give To The Dog First

This is REALLY weird to many people and trainers. Many of the problems that our dogs struggle with can come down to unfulfilled needs and desires. This is much different than the blanket “your dog is being dominant” theory to behaviour issues. Sometimes, this solves the problems without ever having to address them. However, in the even that it doesn’t solve the problem, it is significantly easier to solve if we have to address it with reward and consequence.

Prices and Programs

Phone Consultation – FREE

If you’re unsure about your dog training needs, Wade’s Dogmanship offers FREE phone consultations for dog owners who are looking for a little more information about programs and the solutions. Talk to Wade yourself in this free 30-minute conversation, tell him the problems you’ve been encountering and let Wade tell you about what programs will solve those issues and let you start having the dog you’ve always wanted.

In-Home Demonstrations – $60

Are you curious what Wade’s Dogmanship can do for you? Do you want an in-person demonstration of what Wade can offer you in terms of results? In-Home Consultations are 60 minute home visits where you get to sit down and talk to Wade personally about the issues that you’re experiencing as well as the goals you’d like to accomplish. If possible, Wade will demonstrate for you first hand, in front of your eyes that he can back up what he talks about! You’ll see your dog change right before your eyes!

Best Buddy Program

6 Sessions (1 Hour Each/Once A Week) + Unlimited Follow Up

For some, simply solving the nagging issue isn’t enough. You dream of including your dog in most aspects of your life. You want to go camping and “forget the leash”, you want to enjoy coffee downtown but not have your dog chasing after the birds, you want to bring him to friends houses because you know he’ll be cool (and your friends do too). You want to have the best dog on the block (which is a welcomed change of pace from being the “have you seen that dog?” owner in your neighborhood).

In this program, we address it all. Obedience, fulfillment, play, behaviour problems and then some! By the end of this program, you’ll have a dog you can take with you, include and have faith that they’ll be the best they can be.

This program includes:

  • 6 Sessions (1 hour each/Once a week) in your home, your neighborhood or a location of your choosing
  • Equipment Included
  • Unlimited follow up sessions to ensure progress
  • Access to Client Only Services (such as socials and distraction proofing classes)
  • Unlimited Commands
  • Wade’s approach to effective and proper play for a calmer dog

3 Easy Payments of $397


Pay In Full $1191 $997

Problem Solver Program

3 Sessions (About an hour each/Once a week) + 1 Follow Up

This program is designed to address that one nagging issue you’ve been having with your dog. Every dog owner has that “but…” clause when talking about their dog. “He’s a great dog… but…” This program addresses that “but”. In 3 sessions, you’ll learn Wade’s fulfillment and obedience first approach to solving canine behaviour issues. Then you get into specific strategies that outline how to use your new knowledge on how to solve your specific issue and then generalize it to others that you’re struggling with.

This program is perfect for addressing:

  • On Leash Reactivity
  • Jumping on Guests and bad door manners
  • Counter Surfing
  • Housebreaking issues
  • Problematic or destructive chewing
  • Problematic barking
  • Pulling on leash
  • and more!
  • If you don’t see your problem, ask

This Program Includes:

  • 3 Sessions (One hour each/Once a week)
  • Sessions are private and you get Wade’s attention 100% for yourself
  • Sessions are done in your home, in your neighbourhood or where you struggle
  • 24/7 access to Wade for troubleshooting

2 Easy Payments of $297


Pay In Full $594 $497 

Lifestyle Evaluation

1 Session (Approx 2 Hours) + Follow Up (must be used within 3 months)

Do you want to find out those little things that you’re doing that equate to the large problem? Often times with dogs, it’s not the “big problem” that is the big problem, it’s the collection of little problems that lead up to the big problem.

In this program, you will learn:

  • The small adjustments to how you live and interact with your dog that make the big difference
  • How to have a calmer dog without spending hours exercising him or her into the ground
  • How important PLAY is to your dog and what PLAY STYLES your dog enjoys the most (spoiler: all those play styles modern literature tell you to avoid, I’ll show you how to use them properly)
  • How to use reward and consequence to draw a crystal clear expectation of behaviour

Program includes:

  • 1 Session (between 1-2 hours) + Follow Up (30 minutes)
  • Curated resources by Wade to progress further than your session
  • Access to Wade for trouble shooting beyond your session for 30 days
  • Price of program can be used as downpayment for Best Buddy Program (below)

Price: $197 

What can be accomplished in just one session?

  • Bad leash aggression towards vehicles solved
    • Bad leash aggression towards vehicles solved

    • Watch Video

  • Pulling on leash resolved
    • Pulling on leash resolved

    • Watch Video

  • Fixing Aggression Towards Guests
    • Fixing Aggression Towards Guests

    • Watch Video

  • First Session Results with young Lab
    • First Session Results with young Lab

    • Watch Video

  • 7 Year Old Dog's First Session
    • 7 Year Old Dog's First Session

    • Watch Video

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