Memoirs Of A Novice Dog Trainer

I remember like it was yesterday, attempting to Google my way to a resolution for Rocky’s problem behaviour andThe cover of Wade's book "memoirs of a novice dog trainer" being exposed to the method wars for the first time. I would read one article, think I was on the right track so solving my problems only to read the next and learn that the first article was all lies and propaganda. Then I would read a third article that told me neither of the first two were right. This went on and on and I quickly grew both confused and frustrated. How was I to know what was right? How could I have made the call of one being truth and the other being lies? Buy Now style 2 button

This is an unfortunate reality for dog owners all over the world when attempting to solve problems with their dogs. They are just trying to make their life a little better with their best friend but have to put up with dog trainers bickering about who’s right and wrong, who’s fair and unfair, all the while nobody is asking the dog anything.

Memoirs of a Novice Dog Trainer is all about my first five years as a professional dog trainer, what I learned and the steep learning curve that’s present if you wish to be anything more than half decent at your craft. I discuss my mentors, the challenges I’ve faced, my own personal biases and the very few pure truths I’ve seen.

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