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I can remember the first time I thought this while watching Rocky pace around the room. He’s been out for a pee, he had eaten and we just got back from 30 minutes of walking and a 40-minute rollerblade session before that. I should mention, it wasn’t him running beside me as we rollerbladed. It was him pulling me like a sled dog around a college campus. People thought it was funny… I was slightly horrified.

He just never settled down! No matter how much ball we played, how much exercise he got and the more we did the more he seemed to need. It wasn’t that he didn’t get enough, it was as if I was creating a need in him for more every time we did something like this. It was exhausting for me, but he was always ready to go.

Nobody ever tells you that dog ownership could be this way. Nobody told you that you might get a dog who pesters you all the time for attention, never just relaxes (and if he does, it’s very short lived) and how you’d never be able to have people at your house again because if someone comes through that door they are getting your dog in their face.

We Love Them Anyways

Regardless of how many issues that we have with our dogs, we still love them. I’ve met dog owners in my professional career who have scares on their hand from a bad day with their dog, and they still unconditionally love their dogs… and I think this is what it’s all about for a lot of dog owners. We might have got a dog because we wanted a buddy, but no matter how bad the problem is, we stick it out like family. I have to admire that.

But… what if…

What if I told you we could have all the closeness, fun and companionship you currently have with your dog but have him rest when you rest, settle when you settle and with only small changes made to your lifestyle and interaction have a calmer and more cooperative dog than you thought possible.

What if I told you peace in your home was attainable and you could have it sooner than you thought.

What if I told you that your dog likely only needs half of the exercise he’s currently getting, but it needs to be the right kind or you’ll be forever caught in the “more and more” loop of physical fulfillment.

I’ll tell you this much. I’ve known my Lab Rocky much longer as a trained dog rather than the hyperactive psychopath he was once described as, but I never get tired of hearing how far he’s come from when he was younger. People who have known Rocky as a puppy before he was even in my life have told me that he is “a different dog…” more times than I care to count.

The Problem

The problem is our busy lives can make traditional training a little tricky. More than that, group classes simply aren’t as effective as they used to be. Over 60% of my private clients have seen time in a group class go to waste as their dog struggles to listen and is distracted by every little thing in the world.

So what if I told you that to have a calmer dog doesn’t require more exercise or even hours a day of work? What if I told you that 1 hour total was all you really needed to have a calm and stress free home when you want to do things like watch television or even, God forbid, get some school work done or return those emails that are building up.

My Realization

When Rocky was still very early in training, I attempted to exercise him into calmness. You know what I discovered? It didn’t work. That whole “tired dog is a good dog thing” is… excuse my language… bullshit. When I got back from my first 45 minute rollerblading session with Rocky, do you know what I got? He took two laps of water as I almost collapsed into a chair and then he game back to me and stood in front of me. STOOD! He didn’t even sit down. I haven’t mastered the art of canine mind reading yet, but the vibe that I got off him was that he enjoyed that warm up, but was excited for what was next.

This was the very start of my career as a professional dog trainer, but it was also the introduction to an important concept that I would carry through my career and allow me to get some of the best results in my service area.

Do you want to know my secret?

Work the mind!

Seems simple, doesn’t it? Mental stimulation is much more important than physical stimulation. But how do you do it? You can’t necessarily sit around doing sudokus with your dog all day long.

What if I said that you wouldn’t have to change the amount of time you interact with your dog, but a few small changes can make huge difference for some dogs. That’s why I wrote this eBook.

Simmer Down, Fido! Is a collection of small techniques and little tweaks that you can make to your routine, daily life and already existent things that you do with your dog. This eBook is not about obedience training as much as it is developing an understanding for what is normal and how to return your dog to balance through proper mental fulfillment.

The great news is, this isn’t going to take you 3 hours a day! Small changes made to things that you already do with your dog can make a huge difference in his overall energy.

In this eBook, you will learn:

  • How domestic living is set up to create hyperactivityBook Cover
  • What is normal behaviour vs abnormal behaviour when it comes to dogs
  • The 1 drill you can do while watching television or answering email that will teach your dog to settle down when you do
  • 1 Small change to make your walk better and more mentally fulfilling for your dog and tire him out faster than before
  • The importance of play for you and your dog
  • Playstyles and how to make the most of your playtime to tire your dog out fast
  • My guest and door protocols for attaining calmer guest entry
  • The importance of the quality and quantity of your dog’s food
  • And much more!!!!!!!

I promise it will work

I am so confident that the material in this book will help you get a calmer dog that I’ll give you 100% of your purchase price back if you don’t get any value from this book. No questions asked!

The Best Part?

It’s only $7

That’s right! $7

It’ short, jam packed with useful information, techniques and small tweaks to your lifestyle with your dog, it’s inexpensive and its GUARANTEED! What more could you ask for??

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This eBook is short, cheap and action packed with great information and useful techniques to help you achieve calmness with your dog. Small adjustments to how you do every day activities such as walking, playing and even talking can make the big difference between adrenalized and calm. Enter your email below for your FREE preview.

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