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it’s been a while since I wrote an actual blog post for this website, and if you’ve been waiting for content, you’ve been looking in the wrong places!

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I feel as a rule we give useless information to our dogs. See, I don’t necessarily have a problem with “talking”, but I have a problem with talk for talks sake.

What’s the difference?

The difference is between giving useful information and useless information. The difference is the difference between saying what needs to be said and filling the silence because you can’t handle it.

And you thought this was going to be about dog training…

Make your words mean something

With our dogs, many of us simply run our mouths without taking into consideration what is coming out. What does it mean, what does it do for our dogs. There’s a group of trainers out there who believe talking is useless to dogs, but when you start studying the work of Kayce Cover¬†you’ll see that TALKING alone is not the problem, but rather, the quality of information.

Every time you open your mouth and talk to your dogs, ask yourself this question: does this information benefit my dog in a way where it clarifies what I like or what I don’t?

Rocky holding a down on the trailsI get it. We all have moments where we just want to unload on our dogs. I’m not talking about those moments. I’ve had entire conversations with my Lab sitting on the couch about life, relationships, finances and business strategies. But in those important moments during training where he needed to hear the right things at the right times, my focus was entirely on what HE needed to hear and not what I needed to say.

Another great question to ask yourself is: Do I like what is happening right now? If yes, tell your dog! If no, tell your dog! How else is he going to figure out what you want if you don’t tell him (again, you thought this was only going to be about dog training:) )

Talking is fine, but make sure in the moments where your dog needs that critical information that’s what you’re giving him.

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