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How Much Exercise Does a Dog Need?

Well, that answer changes from dog to dog. Your every day Bullmastiff will require significantly less than a working line Belgian Malinois. Truthfully, how much isn’t as important as what kind.

One of the smallest things you can change that can give you a large impact on your dog’s behaviour is the understanding of the quality of exercise we’re giving our dogs and not just quantity.

Fulfilling our dogs is more than just 2 hours of walking. If you can engage your dog’s brain along with his body, you’ll be left with a dog who is content with simple sleeping the afternoon away because after learning your brain needs to recover.

One of my first lines of defense when it comes to boredom and under-stimulation (which can create a host of behaviour problems) is pack walking with my dogs rather than doing a heel on a sidewalk (Read: Why I hate walking my dogs on sidewalks).

In this video I talk about the importance of good quality exercise. You are invited in to see my dogs and I do our morning walk (5 minutes out of the total 15 minute walk which leaves them content until later in the day).

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