Understanding Habits: How To Solve Leash Aggression

Hanna the Great Dane learns to listen in public

Habits have been one of the most interesting things I’ve learned about in the past year. I initially got into the studying and understanding of habits just searching for something else to sink my mental teeth into, but not long into the audio book I purchased, I saw that these things I was learning could easily be applied to dogs (and dog owners) as well.

The book I read was called The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We do in Life and Business and it was very insightful. Many people don’t understand the inner workings of habits, and I’ve found by understanding how habits function, both for the good and bad, I’ve been able to leverage that knowledge and get faster results for my clients.

I’ve written about habits before on this blog when I touched on what I call my 100 Rep Theory. I think it’s an important concept for dog owners to learn not just for their dogs, but for themselves too.

That being said, here’s episode 5 of Doggin Around where I talk about how we can use our understanding of habits to solve on leash aggression in our dogs.


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