Developing Sensitivity

Rocky holding a down on the trails

Sometimes in dog training the smallest things are the most important. I can’t tell you how often I’m talking to clients and they miss a crucial change in their dog. A change that tells them something is about to happen, but because we’re caught up in conversation, they miss it. This doesn’t make you a […]

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What is an Obedience-First Approach?

Odin the Presa Canario holds a down stay in the pet store

An obedience-first approach is something that me and many professional trainers use. I’m not certain if I coined the phrase, but I Know trainers as far back as William Koehler employed this back when he penned the Koehler Method of Dog Training. There are many trainers in the world who will employ obedience before attempting […]

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Old Dogs and New Tricks

One of the biggest pieces of fluff I hear is that old saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks”, as if the ability to learn just shuts off at a certain age. Make no mistake, you most certainly can teach older dogs anything you wish, but you must also acknowledge that if the […]

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Book Excerpt | The Total Dog Approach

Memoirs of a Novice Dog Trainer is now for sale! Click the button below to purchase your copy in either eBook format or a paperback!   The Total Dog Approach Remember the second tier of motivation? Reward/Punishment? Most dogs have to start in this zone for training, mainly because if the dog already had a […]

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Book Excerpt | All Things Adrenaline

Wilson the PWD holds a stay in Bombshell Custom T-Shirts in Kingston

I’m happy to say that Memoirs of a Novice Dog Trainer is now for sale! If you are interested in purchasing the full version of this book, click the button to be taken to the purchase page! Stress is actually a useful thing. Our fight or flight mechanism is supposed to kick in when there’s […]

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Step Up Or Step Aside

This is something that bugs me still. Some folks still believe their dogs sit around toiling and thinking about how they can overrule your lead. They think every command ignored is an act of disobedience and defiance and they think if the dog goes out the door before them, pulls on the leash, eats before […]

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