Timely Feedback

We all have that family member. The one that makes inappropriate comments or jokes. Or that friend of a friend you met once who commented on something you were self-conscious of. That person who makes you feel something like anger or frustration, but you say nothing. Why? Because it’s rude to speak your mind. Because […]

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Frustration Intolerance

Timber the Golden Retriever learns to out a tug toy

What happens when a dog (or human for that matter) goes his whole life without hearing “no” or  “you can’t do what you want”? Frustration can happen VERY fast. My 2 1/2 year old has taught me more about this than dogs ever could. I always thought temper tantrums were a results of bad parenting. […]

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The One Big Reason I Teach My Son Respect For My Dog (Even though he’s friendly) | Kingston Ontario Dog Training

Rocky and Brennan play cars together

I love watching my son and dog interact. Their relationship is… well, it’s a work in progress. Brennan loves Rocky but Rocky is very patient and accepting of Brennan. Their relationship will not truly bloom until Rocky begins to see social value in Brennan, such as a playmate or running partner. Until then Brennan will […]

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