Do All Dogs Just Want To Please?

Wade and his 6 year old niece walk his two dogs in Kingston

Dogs Just Want To Please hahahaahahhahahahahaa Ok, I’m finished. One of the biggest jokes in the dog training world is that all dogs want to please. Dogs just want to please you. That’s what they’re all about in the end, right? No. Don’t get me wrong, there are dogs out their like this. But these […]

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Dogmanship Minute | Request Vs Demand

Do you know what the difference is between a request and a demand? When someone asks you to do something, you don’t know. Someone could ask you with the politest tone of voice if you want to hang out or get a coffee tonight, but this could be a demand in disguise. Likewise, something that […]

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From Trouble to Trustworthy | Prison Protocols

Sophie the walker hound learning to relax

I think sometimes my overall goal for training confuses some people. When I tell folks I want dogs to be “reliable at liberty” I can see a look of concern cross their face. Undoubtedly the thought crossing their mind is of their out of control dog “at liberty” while resembling some zombie movie where people […]

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