Timely Feedback

We all have that family member. The one that makes inappropriate comments or jokes. Or that friend of a friend you met once who commented on something you were self-conscious of. That person who makes you feel something like anger or frustration, but you say nothing. Why? Because it’s rude to speak your mind. Because […]

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Developing Sensitivity

Rocky holding a down on the trails

Sometimes in dog training the smallest things are the most important. I can’t tell you how often I’m talking to clients and they miss a crucial change in their dog. A change that tells them something is about to happen, but because we’re caught up in conversation, they miss it. This doesn’t make you a […]

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Frustration Intolerance

Timber the Golden Retriever learns to out a tug toy

What happens when a dog (or human for that matter) goes his whole life without hearing “no” or  “you can’t do what you want”? Frustration can happen VERY fast. My 2 1/2 year old has taught me more about this than dogs ever could. I always thought temper tantrums were a results of bad parenting. […]

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Equipment Bias and My Preferences

Wade and mentor and friend Ted Efthymiadis

Everybody has their biases in life. In the dog training world, many people not only onto their biases but they’ll defend them to the death. I can’t understand why anybody holds onto things that tightly. I’m talking beyond just training modalities. Many trainers are quick to not only tell you how great their approach is […]

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