Kingston Ontario’s Dog Trainer

Meet Wade!

Wade MacVicar has been training dogs professionally since 2012 and is quickly earning a reputation in Kingston Ontario for effective dog training whether you have the shyest pup or the most stubborn of bullies! Wade got into dog training by fluke, having met a girl who had a problematic dog. When he saw the strain the dog’s behaviour issues created, he set forth in researching all that is canine behaviour to help the two (and himself) find peace and harmony in living together. Wade is happy to report that was achieved and the dog and owner now live happily WITH Wade… the dog is Wade’s right-hand helper Rocky, a now 7-year-old Black Lab/Border Collie and the girl is now Wade’s wife Karlynn. Rocky’s transformation began a transformation for Wade too as he started absorbing all he could about dogs, their behaviour and how to influence it which eventually lead to Wade becoming a published author in the field of dog behaviour and self-help.

Wade’s dog behaviour journey started in 2012 when he took his first client but now just under 5 years into his young career he’s been contacted by people all across Canada and the United States (and a few from Europe) for help with troubled dogs. Wade has also been a source of help for trainers to understand his unique approach to broaden their own toolbox and make sure they have things available for all kinds of dogs coming through their programs. Wade’s Dogmanship has also been ranked as one of the top Dog Blogs on the internet by Thoroughly Reviewed.

Wade is committed to continue learning and striving towards excellence in his craft DAILY. Wade attends seminars put on by industry leading professionals to ensure that both he and his clients have the best experience possible.