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Let me ask you a question:Wade and his six year old niece Meghan walk Wade's two dogs down Bath Road in Kingston

  • Do you have a problem with getting your dog to pay attention to you or listen?
  • Does your dog tend to only do things when he or she feels like it?
  • Do you require something to bribe your dog to get cooperation?
  • Does your dog’s behaviour embarrass you?
  • Do you find yourself getting frustrated with your dog?
  • Has your dog been denied or failed by other trainers or training services?
  • Have you been told your dog can’t be trained?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, I’m here to help you.

Wade’s Dogmanship was founded on a very basic principle: help dog owners so they can help their dogs. From the first time I saw a person’s face light up when they saw what their dog could do with the right approach, I was hooked and have been helping dog owners achieve their goals with their dogs ever since. – Wade MacVicar

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 Dog And Human Aggression–No Dog Denied!

  • Does your dog’s aggressive behaviour worry or concern you?
  • Are you afraid of your dog?
  • Do you feel you simply can’t trust him or her anymore?

Over 80% of the dogs that come through Wade’s Dogmanship are labeled aggressive dogs and some are even denied to be admitted to other training programs or even failed to be helped by other trainers. Wade has a knowledge of aggression that surpasses most, and that knowledge has allowed him to help a large number of dogs in Kingston to keep their home and keep their lives!

Aggression can be very difficult to handle, and there’s a lot of misconceptions about the behaviour and how to remove it from our dogs. For example, have you been told your dog is aggressive because you are not the pack leader? This is rarely the case. The vast majority of dogs are not being aggressive because they wish to overthrow your rule as leader, but because they haven’t been shown another way to get what they want OR they feel the need to act aggressively because they are scared or nervous.

Outside of Predatory Aggression, dog’s bite for two reasons:

1. they think they can

2. they think they have to

Do you have an aggressive dog that requires rehabilitation and training? Wade’s Dogmanship offers programs that work and are guaranteed for the life of the dog!

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  • Human Aggression resolved
    • Human Aggression resolved

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  • Predatory Aggression Solved
    • Predatory Aggression Solved

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  • Lunging at cars
    • Lunging at cars

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  • Resource Aggression Solved
    • Resource Aggression Solved

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Off Leash Obedience–Come when called NO MATTER WHAT

  • Do you want to trust your dog to listen without a leash?
  • Do you hike or are you active and would like more freedom to include your dog?
  • If there’s distractions present, do you have no chance of getting your dog’s attention

Reliability off leash is so much more than teaching your dog to come when called. There is core concepts in having an off leash reliable dog that some dog trainers don’t even know! Wade’s Dogmanship teaches you what to do and how to do it to have an off leash reliable dog. It’s so much more than teaching coming when called–you learn about distractions and where disobedience really comes from (and most of the time, it’s not from a lack of knowledge about what “come” means).

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